OFC2018 | Products Highlights | Lightwave Executive Interviews

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March 2018 - Mike Venter, V.P. of Optical Products Development at VeEX, presents the latest OPX-BOXe portable OTDR for dark fiber, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint (PON) network applications, with V-Scout simplified link mapping. The OPX-Box can be operated from the same PC, Tablets or Smartphone used for workforce management and ticketing systems.
Carl Goldschmid, V.P. of North American Sales at VeEX presents the latest 100G (and beyond) test modules for the RXT Platform. Offering test solutions for the latest access and transport technologies, including 112G OTU4, 100G, 50G, 25G Ethernet, 25G CPRI 10 for 4G Mobile fronthaul expansion, 25G eCPRI for 5G Mobile fronthaul, 24G Fibre Channel, as well as commonly used legacy Transport, Metro and Access technologies.
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