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This is a brief introduction to the MTTplus-522 Outside Plant (OSP) Expert Module, which combines key copper verification features with DSL and G.fast modem emulation. It is designed for Service Providers deploying Fiber to the Curve (FTTC) broadband services over a DSL or G.fast access network. A DSL/G.fast only version is also available as the MTTplus-523 (no copper testing).

* XTU-R and FTU-R CPE Emulation for G.fast, VDSL2 up to Profile 35b, and ADSL/2/2+
* Key DSL/G.fast metrics including Data Rate, SNR Margin, and line errors
* Fault identification and location with TDR and RFL
* DC/AC Voltage, DC Current and Capacitance Open Meter
* Resistance and Leakage
* PSD Spectrum and Impulse Noise
* Longitudinal Balance
* Impedance Detection & Location
* Wideband Insertion Loss
* VF Noise
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